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Modular molds

CEMA changes the multi cavity approach. Modular mold is a patented innovation from CEMA.

True evolution in the multi cavity mold, this technology brings substantial gain for injection process :

  • Compact : increase of cavity number for the same injection press surface.
  • Reliability : Considerable reduction of wearing parts
  • Maintenance : easy rotating maintenance while injection press operating.

All these gains are easy to evaluate and demonstrate.


The modular technology from CEMA is patented and can go up to 128 cavity mold and fit best requirements for cavity molds.

Pratically :

  • Gain from 10 to 15 % for operational efficiency : OEE
  • Capex optimization re-use of investments for pilot and ramp-up phases.
  • Thermal efficiency and cycle time reduction.
  • Improved reliability et maintenance cost reduction.

CEMA received the 2016 APTAR supplier award for excellence