The company

Know How:

Since its creation, the CEMA company distinguished itself with a quality and rigor driven spirit, combined with a sustained investment effort. It quickly turned to the multi-cavity molds manufacturing for large-scale serial production of complex and small parts requiring a high level of precision:
pumps and valves elements for the pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetic industry. Pen parts, watchmaking, etc.

Technical means:

A team of 49 qualified persons, motived by a dynamic recruitment and training policy, operates more than 50 NC machine tools in a 2600 m² manufacturing facility.

Adress :
24 rue Alain Gerbault
Tel : +33 (02) 43 75 00 17


CEMA – 24 rue Alain Gerbault, 72000 Le Mans – France

Acces :

TGV (fast train):

Paris <-> Le Mans 55 minutes
Lyon <-> Le Mans 3 H
Lille  <-> Le Mans 2 H

Highways :

A11 : 2 H de Paris, 1H30 de Nantes
A28 : 2 H de Rouen, 1 H de Tours

Airports : Le Mans, Nantes, Paris Orly