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Modular TechnologyMulti Cavity molds

Modular molds

CEMA changes the multi cavity approach. Modular mold is a patented innovation from CEMA.

True evolution in the multi cavity mold, this technology brings substantial gain for injection process :

  • Compact : increase of cavity number for the same injection press surface.
  • Reliability : Considerable reduction of wearing parts
  • Maintenance : easy rotating maintenance while injection press operating.

All these gains are easy to evaluate and demonstrate.


The modular technology from CEMA is patented and can go up to 128 cavity mold and fit best requirements for cavity molds.

Pratically :

  • Gain from 10 to 15 % for operational efficiency : OEE
  • Capex optimization re-use of investments for pilot and ramp-up phases.
  • Thermal efficiency and cycle time reduction.
  • Improved reliability et maintenance cost reduction.

CEMA received the 2016 APTAR supplier award for excellence

Multi Cavity molds

Technical components

CEMA is specialized in design and manufacturing of molds for technical and precise components for complex mechanical systems :

  • Pumps and valve components for medical or cosmetic applications.
  • Inhaler or counting systems
  • Critical parts for safety devices (injection pens, …).


Precision and repeatability of plastic parts is obtained by

  • precision machining of cavities,
  • but also with a good design and control of regulation circuits.

Qualification is get through parts validation combined with a robust process.

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Laboratoire de métrologie

CEMA dispose d’un laboratoire de métrologie dimensionnelle dédié aux pièces plastiques…

P&M (3)

Logo P&M-RVB
c’est la métrologie de précision pour :

  • Les expertises dimensionnelles
  • Les contrôles séries,
  • Les validations d’outillages, de process.

Fort d’une expérience des outils et méthodes de métrologie, P&M vous accompagne dans vos projets :

  • Elaboration de cahiers des charges,
  • Revues de plans,
  • Méthodologies de contrôle
  • Formation à la lectures de plan et la programmation de MMT.

Une gestion rationnelle de notre production (Programmation avancée, contrôle de grandes séries, un parc machine homogène) nous permet d’optimiser les délais et coûts de des prestations.

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> Precision molds

Quality control and precision machining requires a control over manufacturing process and methods.

All precise machining is done internally.

To achieve this CEMA invest regularly a significant amount to keep its equipment up to date

  • Multi axis milling lathe center with automation,
  • Cylindric and coordinate numerical grinding,
  • EDM wire and forming,
  • Laser welding and graving

The company is also know for its precision and manufactures some work for precise parts in for spatial, nuclear, watch , …

The last operations are finalized with adjustment professionals who have a perfect understanding of the tool functioning and interface requirement with plastic molding.

Industrial MoldsMulti Cavity molds

> Multi cavity molds

CEMA is specialized in the design and manufacturing of multi cavity molds.

The increase of production quantities implies excellent tooling characterisitics :

  • Cavity interchangeability.
  • Control of cavity regulation,
  • Tooling capability and robust process : Cpk parts > 1,66
  • Reliability and tooling warranty > 3 Million cycle


CEMA has built a solid know how for more than 50 years on multi cavity molds. The company works for major companies involved in pharmaceutical devices and cosmetic packaging.

Industrial MoldsPilot Molds

Proto / Pilot Mold

Logo SMTO simple
manufactures injection tooling to validate industrial process.

Planning type depending on complexity and production volume :

  • S1 : Feasibility : rheology, metrology, thermal analysis
  • S2/S4 : Design Review and modification, Design Qualification
  • S3-S4/S5-S9 : Molding elements manufacturing.
  • S5/S10-S11 : Mechanical Adjustments
  • S6/S12 : Assembly and trials.

SMTO can propose you full project support up to pre series qualification at the Technical injection center.

For more information, visit the web site.